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June 2003

For those of you in Massachusetts, I'll be performing in the very intimate setting of Bullfinch's restaurant in Sudbury on Thursday June 5. For reservations and more information, please visit Bullfinch's website at
Very soon after Bullfinch's, I'll be leaving for northern California. First stop on the trip will be The Jazz & Blues Company in Carmel on June 20. Then, from July 21 - 28, I'll be teaching once again at Madeline Eastman's wonderful Jazz Camp West.
Upon my return home, I'll get a little rest, catch up on teaching my private students and then I'll be performing at the Marblehead Jazz Festival once again.
The end of July finds me teaching at my other favorite summer jazz camp, Interplay. Interplay is held in a wonderful environment - Endicott College in Beverly, MA. There's still some openings for jazz campers. Please visit for more information. Of course, feel free to email me if you'd like to email me personally about Interplay.
I hope you are all happy and healthy and please remember to support live jazz!
Love & Harmony, Rebecca

...& Joe (Lou) Cool

My Foolish Heart
Rebecca Parris (Koch Jazz 7887)
By C. Michael Bailey

Rebecca Parris gives a masters class in singing ballads very slow and very well.

Miles Davis once heard Shirley Horn perform a ballad that had been in his band's book for many years. He said in that sandpaper voice of his, "Man, you sing that so slow." On My Foolish Heart, Boston-native Rebecca Parris, provides
nine studies in the slow ballad, all sung with a voice that is quite unforgettable.

Ms. Parris' voice is deep, not unlike that of actress Kathleen Turner (whom she also physically resembles). It is smoothly resonant reminding me of Johnny Hodges playing alto in the low register. In the jazz vocals realm, her voice
most closely resembles Shirley Horn's, sans the cigarettes and 40 years experience (not implying that Ms. Parris is any kind of vocal slouch). Ms. Parris' selection of ballads is predictable, but her capability and delivery are not. She
basically deconstructs and then reconstructs "Lover Man" and her "Body and Soul" reveals what Coleman Hawkin's must have been thinking during his solo of his 1939 recording of the same.

Ms. Parris' phrasing is perfectly elastic without being brassy. Her dynamic range and ear are sure. "Crazy He Calls Me" is taken at a very slow tempo, effectively conveying a tired sardonic sarcasm rather than defeat. The disc highlight is
the closer, Tadd Dameron's "If Your could See Me Now". This piece death-defying in its tempo and is sung by Ms. Parris beautifully. Her support is tasteful with little soloing, choosing instead to showcase her considerable talent. John Mayall once remarked that the hardest music to play was a slow blues. I amend that to include the slow jazz ballad and Rebecca Parris performs them effortlessly.

Track Listing: My Foolish Heart; the Shadow of Your Smile; Lover Man; Yesterday I Heard the Rain; Never Let Me Go; When October Goes; Body and Soul; Crazy He Calls Me; If You Could See Me Now. (Total Time: 54:05)

Personnel: Rebecca Parris: Vocals; George Mesterhazy: Guitar, Keyboards; Scott Steed: Bass; Matt Gordy: Drums; Paul McWilliams: Piano.

I'd like to strongly encourage folks
to check out my friend Loretta LaRoche's website and we've included a link to her website for your convenience. Loretta is a highly respected lecturer on the subject of how to make your life less stressful and more relaxed...we all need that sometimes!

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